Pizza Plot is a short series about an evil mastermind that tries to rid the world of pizza, but always fails.


Each season has seven episodes and usually a special episode. There will be three seasons and twenty-four total episodes.

Season OneEdit

  1. Pherperperilious Prehistoric Pizza of Purploplis, Puttahkeenah
  2. Pizza Eaters
  3. Pizza with Scissors
  4. Anchovies?! (The Pizza Story)
  5. Pizza From Scratch
  6. Bulldozer Pizza
  7. Pizza Face


  1. The X-Mas Flavor (For a Perfect Pizza)

Season TwoEdit

  1. Pizza To Go (Around the World in Five Days)
  2. Digatalized Pizza
  3. Pizza in the New World
  4. Pepperoni Pizza with Ice Cream, Onions, Bananas, Oranges, Hamburger, Macoroni and Cheese, Salad, Raviolli, and a Cherry on Top
  5. Vegan Pizza Attractive
  6. Pizza Attack
  7. The Pizza Poser


  1. Pizza If You Can!

Season ThreeEdit

  1. Pizz-a-Long
  2. Snow Bitten Pizza
  3. A Walk Down Pizza Lane
  4. Pizza Slayer
  5. Night of the Pizzas
  6. Pizzadvertisement
  7. Nerds of Pizzacon


  1. A Pizzareffic Halloween